Struggling With Lower Back Pain? These Exercise Options Will Enhance Your Chiropractic Care

According to the American Chiropractic Association, lower back pain is the biggest cause of disability in the world, and is a common reason for missed work within the United States. Seeking treatment from a chiropractor is an effective way to relieve lower back pain so you can maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. It's also a good idea to adopt an exercise regimen or two that will minimize any pain that recurs between chiropractic visits. Here are four excellent options to consider:


Yoga isn't just for toning your body, although it's effective for that too. The stretching poses involved in most yoga regimens helps to strengthen the muscles in your back and abdomen, which promotes proper alignment for a healthy back and minimal pain. Yoga increases blood flow to nourish the soft tissues in your lower back. And because there is a focus on controlled breathing during practice, yoga has the ability to relieve some stress and balance your mood. You can also expect to improve your posture through yoga, which is essential for optimal back health.


Taking up Pilates is a great way to relieve lower back pain and tone up your physique, allowing you to forgo daily pain medications and lead a more active lifestyle. Pilates enhances muscle function, improves balance, and increases spine strength, which all lead to less stress on your back, and therefore less pain. It is important to practice your Pilates regimen at least once a week to gain long term benefits and maintain strong muscles.

There are a variety of DVDs available that will lead you through effective routines designed specifically to alleviate back pain. It's a good idea to attend a live class before getting started at home to ensure that you've got the moves right.


Believe it or not, a simple daily walk can do wonders for your lower back pain, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle at home or work. Walking offers a little bit of everything – stretching, muscle strengthening, and a fitter body. You don't need any obscure equipment to get the job done, and you can do it both inside and out. Whether you walk on a treadmill, in the park, or around the neighborhood, all you need is a supportive pair of walking shoes and the motivation to get moving. A brisk pace is best, but even a stroll with a focus on proper back alignment and posture can decrease your back pain between chiropractor visits.


If you aren't inclined to participate in regular yoga or Pilates routines, you'll find that a quick stretch session in the morning helps to lower the intensity of your back pain, and may even get rid of it altogether. Stretching shouldn't be uncomfortable during or after you do them, so start slowly and work your way up to the full routine that you want to complete daily. Just five or ten minutes of stretch exercises will get you some results. Try these options:

  • Knee to Chest – Lay on your back with both knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Slowly bring one knee toward your chest and hold the position for about 15 seconds before switching knees. Do three to five repetitions at a time.
  • Child's Pose – Relax on your hands and knees and then lower your buttocks toward your feet until you're sitting on your heels. Reach out your arms in front of your body to get a long stretch in the arms, back, and spine. Hold the position for thirty seconds at a time.
  • Cat Stretch – Start on your hands and knees and let your belly sink toward to the floor. After a few seconds, stretch your spine toward the ceiling so your back is arched upwards, and hold the pose for a few seconds before returning to your original position.

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing when you practice your routine to enjoy optimal movement and flexibility.

If you are unsure about which exercises are right for your personal needs, a chiropractor like Chiropractor Plus should be able to help you create a plan that's easy to implement into your schedule.