Car Accident Neck Pain Causes And Procedures

There is no single cause of neck pain after a car accident, which makes it hard to treat without outside help. Here are some suggestions on the potential causes and solutions for ongoing neck pain.

Disclaimer: Get a Medical Evaluation Early

The suggestions that follow are only possibilities; it takes a trained medical eye to really know what is happening with your car accident pain. A chiropractic evaluation should be done immediately after an accident. This is the best way to know if you have a more serious injury, and it will be needed if you want to seek out a car accident attorney for help getting compensation for your medical bills, pain, and time missed from work.

Muscle Stiffness

The first possible type of injury has to do with your muscles' reaction to a car accident impact. Some people tend to tense up during an impact, which can put a lot of strain on your muscles and cause ongoing stiffness and car accident pain. Chiropractic massage geared towards car accident pain can be helpful if this type of pain doesn't go away on its own in a few weeks or with the proper stretching and exercise.

Torn Ligaments

It may be that your ligaments were torn during the whiplash. This is a common cause of pain that doesn't go away or seem to get better with massage and stretching. In fact, with this kind of injury, it's better to leave the neck alone and let the area heal. This highlights the need for a chiropractic evaluation before you attempt to treat car accident pain on your own.

Spinal Injury

A final category of injury that results from whiplash is spinal damage. You may not feel the pain of a spinal injury right away; it may take a second impact for a spinal vertebra to shift out of place to where it causes pain.

The potential complications of a spinal column that's damaged include a pinched nerve, pain, a slipped disk, and potential paralysis if the spinal cord becomes severed. Chiropractic x-rays can help to pinpoint areas where the spinal column has shifted. Regular chiropractic therapies can help realign the spine to ease pain and minimize the risks of a more serious spinal injury.

In short, there are many possible causes of pain after your car accident. Be sure you speak with a doctor like Smith Chiropractic and also a car accident attorney to help you get adequate coverage for your injuries.