Three Forms Of Alternative Medicine That May Help With Pain Management

Pain has become a common problem that many people live with every day. Over time, chronic pain can take its toll, and reduce the quality of your life. Unfortunately, doctors are hesitant to prescribe the type of medication that can take away this pain because these medications are inevitably addictive. So only those with the worst pain receive these drugs. For the rest of the pain sufferers, it is about pain management, and there are seldom enough medical tools to get the job done. You may want to consider alternative medicine. The following are three examples of this type of medicine and how they may benefit your pain.

Chiropractic medicine

Although considered an alternative medicine, so many people have benefited from it that it has come to be a part of our mainstream culture. Many insurance companies cover treatment by chiropractors. The most common pain relief from this treatment is in the back and neck areas, but there are other possibilities. A consultation with a chiropractor will provide you information about how this treatment may bring relief to your particular problem.

Acupuncture treatment

This ancient Chinese treatment has been used for thousands of years, and although it is claimed to be a healing treatment for a wide variety of ailments, in the Western world, it is in the treatment of pain that you will find its greatest testimonials. Acupuncture uses small needles, but they do not penetrate deeply, so even if you don't like needles, you should be able to tolerate acupuncture.

Medicinal herbs

There are many herbal supplements that manufacturers claim will relieve pain, but it's hard to evaluate these claims. However, there are a few herbs that have been known to reduce pain for a long time. For back pain you should try turmeric. This is a root that can be added to recipes, but you can also buy it in pill form. If your pain is from fibromyalgia, you should attempt to increase your intake of vitamin D, either as a supplement, or you can increase your food intake of foods rich in vitamin D. If your pain is from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, you should try boswellia. This is found in the resin of certain trees, and has been helpful in reducing pain. It is available in a pill.

Of course, it may be that no single alternative medical treatment will bring lasting pain relief; you may need to use several pain relief treatments to help reduce your pain to a tolerable level. But by considering alternative medicine for pain relief, you will have more ways to combat pain than the limited approach from traditional medicine that simply avoids addictive drugs.