3 Natural Strategies For Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, your health care provider will develop a treatment plan based upon your symptoms, the cause, your existing medical conditions, and the severity of your pain. While surgical intervention may help relieve your pain, there are no guarantees that your discomfort will not return.

Prescription pain relievers can also help relieve your backache. However, they may lead to serious side effects, such as drowsiness, dizziness, urinary retention, constipation, and in some cases, dependence. Here are three natural strategies you can consider if you are seeking non surgical back pain relief methods:

Therapeutic Massage

Massage is often highly effective in the management of back pain. Not only can therapeutic massage soothe aching muscles and bones, it is also very relaxing. During a massage session, your body releases "feel good" chemicals known as endorphins.

These substances are thought to play an important role in pain relief, and they may also help dampen systemic inflammation. If you would like to explore the benefits of a therapeutic massage, talk to your chiropractor. Many chiropractors employ massage therapists who are experienced in treating back problems, as well as problems with the neck, spinal cord, and legs. 


Certain foods, known as superfoods, can work like medicine. In fact, some superfoods have anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties, which may be just as, or even more effective, than analgesic drugs. If you have back pain, try incorporating nuts, oranges, bananas, and dark cherries into your daily meal plans.

These foods are nutrient dense, and in the case of cherries, their skin contains substances that can dramatically reduce back pain, as well as help people who suffer with insomnia. You can also consume cherries in juice form, which is just as effective as eating the fruit whole. 

Epsom Salts

Taking a warm bath with Epsom salts can help alleviate your back pain within a very short time. Epsom salt preparations are in actuality, magnesium sulfate. During your bath, the Epsom salt gets into your circulation, quickly relieving sore muscles, joints, and bones.

Magnesium is also used extensively in the treatment of anxiety, so after your Epsom salt bath, both your mind and body will be relaxed and pain-free. While most people tolerate the effects of an Epsom salt bath well, some may experience minor skin irritation or itching. If you experience any allergic reactions while in the bathtub, rinse off immediately, and call your doctor.

If you are searching for non-surgical options to treat your back pain, consider the above natural strategies. Using natural remedies in conjunction with seeing your health care provider will help you feel better fast, so you resume your normal activities without back discomfort.