How Does Chiropractic Care Help With A Motor Vehicle Accident Injury?

Many people assume that chiropractic care is limited to straightening the spine after an injury. However, spinal realignment and immediate relief from pain is only one facet of chiropractic care.

It's important to see a chiropractor immediately after a car accident in order for damage to be assessed and treatment initiated. There are various symptoms associated with motor vehicle accidents which involve the neck and back that can benefit from chiropractic care to relieve pain, increase mobility, and hasten the healing process, 

How Does Chiropractic Care Relieve Pain After a Car Accident?

The flexibility of the spinal column allows for the fluid motion and range of mobility required to twist the lower back and neck in various directions. This flexibility can also be a liability in a motor vehicle accident, as the neck and back are wrenched violently forward and backward by the sudden force of the impact.

The muscles in the neck and lower back are forced into immediate action in an attempt to restrict the sudden loss of control. Stressed neck and back muscles will then produce pain in every movement as they try to remain immobile in order to heal. Immobility creates greater loss of movement as muscles and tendons shorten and become tighter.

Chiropractic care involves massaging and stretching of the muscles after a brief initial period of restricted movement to allow healing to begin. These actions increase mobility, reducing pain caused by swollen or tight muscles.

The spinal vertebra may be forced out of alignment by the sudden force of a car accident. This can cause the spinal nerves, which run along the length of the spine, to become pinched or irritated by disturbance of the spinal fluid in which they are encased.

This can result in pain at the immediate area of injury as well as in other areas of the body, as nerve impulses become corrupted and messages to and from the brain garbled.

How Does Chiropractic Care Assist Healing After A Motor Vehicle Accident?

The nerves along the spinal column perform other functions in addition to the transmission of messages that produce pain. They also transmit messages from the brain that control physical movement and direct healing in affected areas of the body.

Realignment of the spinal vertebra and stretching the muscles of the neck and spine to maintain proper alignment can reduce symptoms such as numbness in extremities, headaches, blurred vision, and other secondary issues associated with spinal cord trauma.

These treatments then promote healing by removing the impairments that may be compromising the ability of the brain to direct the healing process.

It's never too soon to visit a chiropractor for car accident injury treatment, so don't wait a few days to see if you feel better. Chiropractors can also diagnose serious issues that may require immediate radiological scans or hospitalization, so don't delay in receiving the care you need after a car accident.