A Look At 3 Food-Related Items That Could Be Linked To Your Migraines

The sunlight hurts to view, every sound is painful, and you can barely rest from the throbbing pain. Unfortunately, it sounds like you are suffering from a migraine headache. There may actually be things in your diet that are making the problem worse. Check out this brief list of food-related items you should avoid if you need to get rid of your migraines. 

1. Foods that are high in tyramine can contribute to migraines.  

Tyramine is an element that naturally occurs as some proteins break down in aged foods, and tyramine can be found in everything from certain types of cheese and smoked meats to salami or pepperoni. Unfortunately, tyramine can also trigger headaches. According to Wikipedia, Tyramine is a trace amine, and this compound can actually raise your blood pressure in large doses.

The rise in blood pressure could be the reason tyramine can lead to headaches for some people. Therefore, if you suffer from migraine headaches and have a diet rich in aged foods, it may be best to eliminate these foods as much as possible to see if there is any noteworthy change. 

2. Artificial sweeteners could contribute to migraine headaches. 

If your daily drink preference is sweet tea with Splenda, Diet Coke, or some other beverage with an artificial sweetener and you have consistent migraine headaches, you may want to try drinking something else. Some forms of artificial sweeteners are guilty of causing headaches that can lead to migraines, according to The American Migraine Foundation. So even though these sugar substitutes are not actual triggers, they can definitely be an underlying contributing factor. 

3. Preservatives like nitrates and nitrates may cause migraine headaches. 

Much of the common food people pick up at the grocery store has some type of artificial preservative, but those with nitrates or nitrites may be worth forgoing if you suffer from migraines on a regular basis. Hot dogs, sandwich meat, pork products, and various other meats often contain these preservatives. As an added negative to eating these foods as a migraine sufferer, many of them also contain high levels of MSG, which is also fairly notorious for causing headaches in large doses. 

While there are many different types of treatment for migraines, including chiropractic treatments and over-the-counter medications, the best route of eliminating these painful events is to find out why you are having these horrendous headaches in the first place. Contact a chiropractor near you for help with your migraine headaches.