How Chiropractic Care Helps Migraines And Headaches

When you have significant headaches or you are suffering from migraines, it's time to see how a visit to the chiropractor can help. Through the use of gentle adjustments, manual therapy, massage, ultrasound, and cervical traction, a chiropractor will provide treatment that restores movement to your cervical spine and reduces pain. When your spine is out of alignment, this can cause pain and stiffness. Treatment with a chiropractor works to give your body the ability to heal naturally by improving circulation to the area and reducing inflammation. When the spine gets adjusted, the nervous system functions better. If you are being treated for headaches and migraines that continue to come with regularity, chiropractic treatment can make a difference.

Stress and Cervical Subluxations

If you are chronically stressed, the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in your neck and shoulders will become tight. This will then lead to your vertebrae going out of alignment and causing pain in the areas that are inflamed. When you get more headaches because you are feeling stressed, chiropractic treatment can work to reduce the stress response on your body. Through gentle adjustments to restore your cervical spine alignment, you can reduce the frequency of headaches you experience.

Massage and Decompression Techniques

A chiropractor will work to improve circulation to your neck and shoulder muscles through massage and ultrasound. This promotes healing and helps decrease the severity of your headaches. If your pain is caused by areas in your spine that are compressed, traction and decompression techniques will be used to reduce strain in the area. When you have headaches or migraines brought on by cervical compression, you will find relief when you visit a chiropractor.

Neck Stretching and Exercises

When you work with a chiropractor for headaches and migraines, the range of motion in your neck may be greatly reduced. Your chiropractor will work with you on stretching strategies and strengthening exercises to give you more support in your neck. By stretching your neck, you will improve your range of motion and have less tension build up in your neck muscles. The severity of migraines may be reduced when your cervical spine is properly aligned and your neck is not tense.

Chiropractic treatment does not use prescription medication and is a useful complementary therapy when you suffer from headaches or migraines. Even when you are prescribed medication, you can still see a chiropractor for pain relief to heal naturally.