Treatments You Might Need For Your Back After You've Been In An Auto Accident

Being in a car accident is stressful. You can be so stressed that you don't even realize how badly you're hurt. Plus, sometimes, injuries don't always show up right away. You can hurt your back in an accident and not realize it until hours later or even days later when you notice the pain is getting worse instead of going away. That's why it's a good idea to have your back checked when you've been jolted or twisted in an accident. The sooner you start treatment, the better the treatments could help you feel. Here are some types of care you may need after an auto wreck.

A Medical Evaluation

If your condition is serious, you should go to the emergency room to be evaluated. If you're not sure if you've been injured or if your pain is minor, then you should see your doctor or chiropractor right away for an examination. You may have imaging tests done along with a physical exam that tests for pain, injuries, and limited range of motion. It's better to be safe and have an examination than have a problem go untreated that wasn't caught in the early stages.

Home Treatments

Your doctor or chiropractor may advise you on home treatments that may help with pain initially. Rest and ice might help with swelling that could continue to get worse in the hours after the accident. Heat may help later, or you might be instructed to alternate the two. You'll also be instructed to watch for delayed symptoms that indicate a more serious problem is developing. You might have to be treated for muscle spasms in your back, inflammation, or nerve pain.

Office Treatments

Chiropractic treatments may help with back pain and aid healing so your back returns to a healthy state. The type of treatments you receive depend on the nature of your injury since back pain can be caused by muscle spasms, torn ligaments, or nerve compression. Massage might relax tense muscles and release scar tissue as it forms during your recovery. Decompressing the nerve through spinal movements might help with pain and lead to nerve healing.

Your chiropractic treatments will probably change over the course of your recovery. Initially, they may focus on pain relief, and once your recovery is underway, you might receive spinal adjustments to help align your spine properly after the jolt from the accident. Your chiropractor takes your individual circumstances into consideration when planning your auto accident back treatment so you can tolerate the procedures and get the most benefit.