Chiropratic Care: More Than A Twisting Of The Spine

If you are like most people when you think of a visit to a chiropractic clinic, you may think of someone twisting and cracking your spine. While that is a very basic explanation of chiropractic care, it doesn't begin to tell you what can really occur during a visit. If you are suffering from pain in your back or extremities, consider some of the alternative therapies that are offered at many clinics. Here are just a few of the common ones.

Massage Therapy

You could go to a day spa and have a relaxing massage given by a licensed massage therapist, or you can go to a chiropractic clinic and receive a treatment designed just for your problems that will alleviate injured muscles and soft tissues. The treatment will include a very thorough exam and questionnaire to ensure the best results from the massage.


Gentle pulses of electricity administered through patches placed over sore and injured areas have been shown to reduce pain, swelling, and spasms in the affected muscles. In addition, these small shocks can help to strengthen the bone and surrounding soft tissues. 


If your problem is based on a pinched nerve, the chiropractor will use weights and pulleys to slowly and gently stretch the spine. This allows for the decompression of the area. The discs will carefully pull apart and release any tension or pressure on the nerves that travel through and behind them. 

Ultrasound Therapy

The vibrations from an ultrasound wand cause the muscles underneath it to heat up. This heat increases the blood flow to the area. The vibrations travel deep into the muscles, heating and relaxing them. In addition, as the wand travels across the skin, it gently massages the muscles.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cool light energy is aimed at an area on the body. This energy is then absorbed by the skin and changed into chemicals that speed up the healing process. The therapy is generally used for joints and has become a common therapy for knee issues and carpal tunnel syndrome.

While each clinic will have its own specialties, you can be sure they each offer more than just a "twisting" of the spine. Chiropractic specialists are doctors. They have been trained to help alleviate your pain without the continual use of drugs. If you suffer from chronic pain, consider chiropractic care. You will be very pleased when you start feeling like yourself again.